User Registration Add-on not passing First and Last names into WP Users database


FYI: We have installed Gravity Forms v2.6.3 and Gravity Forms User Registration Add-on v5.0 (along with GF Multilingual v1.6.3 and GF Quiz Add-on v3.9)

We used GravityForms as alternative user-registration form and have configured the user registration feed so that the firstname - Name (First) - and lastname - Name (Last) - is selected from the pulldown menu for the fields that should get passed via the User Settings box as shown on the screenshot below.

There were also additional User Meta fields (i.e. phone, job title, business name, business address) that were supposed to also be added.

Strangely, only the email address is passed, which I have verified when I went and checked the details of the test user we tried to register. We need the first and last names (at least)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello. I recommend enabling logging on the site:

Then testing the form. After testing the form with logging enabled, I recommend opening a support ticket and including your system status report:

Thank you.

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