User Merge Tag Incorrectly Filling Out Form

I have a form set up to edit user profiles. I have the merge tag {user:first_name} setup to populate the First Name the similar last_name fields. The last_name tag is working just fine, but the first_name tag is populating the First Name field with the username. I can’t figure out why. So far, it is only happening in Chrome, but I disabled all plugins and auto-fill and cleared cache and cookies.

Is there something else I should be looking at?

If it’s only happening in Chrome, chances are it’s a browser issue with autofill or caching.

Like I said, I disabled autofill, cleared cache and cookies, and re-loaded the page in an Incognito browser. I also switched to a different new user that I would never be using personally or would have stored info for. The username is also something that would have never been typed into a First Name field.

I recommend taking a look at the user record in the database (in the wp_usermeta and wp_users tables), to see what data is stored with those keys you are using, for the user in question, to see if what is shown in the form matches what is stored in the database.

You can use a tool like phpMyAdmin or ARI Adminer or maybe your host’s control panel has a tool for viewing the database tables.

Well, it’s correct in the database because if I go to Users in the WP dashboard, it is listed there correctly, and if I go to the top nav bar, it says “Howdy, First_Name Last_Name”. Is there a way I can “debug” merge codes?

I recommend opening a support ticket for further assistance with the issue.

We’re limited in what we can help with here.