Uploading Images: Delay between upload finishing visually and upload really finishing

I have a form where users can upload image (and video files). When I select a file to upload the nice little blue slider goes sliding across and then finishes. At that point, if I click the submit button I get a “please wait” message. If the file is at all large (over a few MB), this subsequent interval after the slider finishes can be much longer that the time the slider takes. Is there any way to give the user more accurate feedback about when they can submit the form?

The file upload field included with Gravity Forms doesn’t use a slider based progress indicator for uploads, it just displays the percentage value. You’ll need to contact the developer of the add-on that is including your custom uploader for support with this issue.

Thank you. I turned off the plug-in that creates the slider progress bar and the problem remains. Once the percent completion counter reaches 100 it still takes a long time before clicking on the submit button does not produce a “please wait” message.

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