Unit price shows total price

I have 3 products and each product has different pricing: 40,10,10 but in order summary page in unit price column it shows total $60. But it should show each product price.

What i am missing ?

Hi @zsajib
It sounds like you are having an issue with the unit price being displayed correctly in your order summary on your WordPress website. There could be a few potential issues that could be causing this issue. Here are a few things you could try:

  1. Make sure that the prices for each product are correctly entered in the form fields when setting up the form. It’s possible that the prices are being entered incorrectly, which could result in the incorrect unit price being displayed in the order summary.

  2. Check the calculation formula used to determine the unit price. If you are using a calculation field in your form to determine the unit price, make sure that the formula is correct and that it is taking into account all of the relevant variables (such as quantity, discounts, etc.).

  3. Check for any conflicts with other plugins or themes that you are using on your WordPress site. It’s possible that another plugin or theme could be causing the issue with the unit price display.

  4. Make sure that you have the latest version of Gravity Forms installed on your WordPress site. Sometimes updates can fix issues with the plugin.

I hope these suggestions help! If you are still having issues with the unit price display after trying these steps, reaching out to the Gravity Forms support team might be helpful.

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