Unfortunate decision to drop support for WP4.9 and thereby for ClassicPress

I’ve held a GF unlimited license for many years. I’m also converting to ClassicPress; sad that Gravity Forms can no longer be my forms plugin.

Honestly… I’ve never been excited about GF’s support. Anything that is moderately challenging I often get told to run the debugger first (after I have). Then it’s something else I’ve tried.

But I kinda get it, they get a lot of no brainer problems and they want to teach a man to fish. Wish they kinda tracked the skill level of who they are talking to.

Gravity Forms has not dropped support for WordPress 4.9, it still works with that version and some older versions. If you contact support we may ask you to update as updating WordPress, themes, and plugins can often resolve a lot of issues.

Clearly says it doesn’t support WP4.9.10.
Does it still work with 4.9? Yes. But GF will not assist with support issues.
Where I come from, that’s known as ‘does not support’.

I wish GF did support ClassicPress. It’s growing.

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