Unable to change default input of TEXT LINE field on second page of multi-page form

My use case: For a multi-page form, I can alter the contents of an HTML field rendered on page 2 when processing the “next” event from page 1. But for the “text” field, I cannot.

I have tried all variations of gform_field_value/pre-render/replace_merge_tags filters - both with and without setting “populated dynamicly” - and confirmed that the default text loaded to the page 2’s text field when rendering page 1 remains unaltered by all my efforts to affect the change before page 2 is rendered.

It is behaving like the pre-load process for all the form’s fields at the session start gets stuck, and nothing will over-ride what was originally set.

Again, this is NOT the case for an HTML field.

Is there a known work-around, or this this use case just not supported ?

Thanks in advance !