Two forms, two redirects, one page, one redirect fails

Hi team

We have two forms on this page, each has a redirect and pass through of variables to another form.

The Join our Advocate Team – Start Here form fails and displays this message
Thanks for contacting us! We will get in touch with you shortly

It should redirect to{Referring Advocate:2}&first={Name (First):1.3}&last={Name (Last):1.6}&email={Email:5}

The second form in the footer
does redirect.

2 Forms, two ID’s any ideas would be appreciated

Hi Charles. I recommend opening a support ticket, and including just the form that does not redirect properly:

Exporting a form:

Open a support ticket:

Thank you.

Hi Chris

Thanks I’’ add a support ticket. Just FYI, when I clear all the cache and submit each form once they both redirect correctly. If I Go back in the browser and resubmit each form again then either will process properly and the other will fail.

Could it be cache that is the issue?

That sounds like it could be a caching issue. The redirect is done with JavaScript, so it that is cached, that could be the issue.

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