Turn Off Notifications if Text Box Contains any URL

Most spam coming in to our clients has one more urls in the general comments/questions/text boxes of their lead forms. Is there a way (maybe with conditional logic or a plugin) to allow the form to be sent, but not send an email notification if there are any URLs inserted into the forms inputs (besides any input specifically requesting a website)?

First off, you will likely stop this automated spam by installing the Gravity Forms Zero Spam free plugin, by the awesome people at GravityView. It marks most automated spam as spam, preventing notification emails. It doesn’t catch spam from warm bodies at keyboard, but you won’t see much of that.

Answering your specific question though, you can use the gform_entry_is_spam filter hook to mark anything with a URL in text fields as spam. Here’s an example of how to use it. But GF Zero Spam should block most of that spam anyway.

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