Trying to populate subject line with field data in notification email

I’m having a difficult time figuring out how to populate field data from a form submission into the subject line.

For the ‘name’ and ‘location’ field, I’ve set up the fields under ‘Advanced’ / Allow the field to be populated dynamically and then put in ‘parameter name’ of “name” for the name field and “location” for the location field

Lead: {form_title} - {name} - {location}

When i test the form, the name and location are not being populated. The subject line just comes through as “Lead: Careers Form - {name} - {location}”. What am i doing wrong?

The Parameter Name value is intended for use when Dynamically Populating a Field. In order to populate submitted values into a notification, you will want to make use of the Field Merge Tags. Reference All you need to know about Gravity Forms merge tags - GravityKit for a great overview of how these can be used.

In short, you’ll want to include those field values by calling on the field ID (and input ID) within the merge tag – e.g. {First Name:9.3} {Last:9.6}

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