Trying to connect to GF data in Microsoft Access

I’m trying to connect to GF data in Microsoft Access (or some other database viewer). I’ve tried a couple plugins, but they don’t do what I need.

I have a series of 4 forms that our clients have to fill out that generate a total of 1100 fields - too much to connect directly to MS Access.

I can export certain fields using GF or a third party plugin, but there are drawbacks (getting the exact order right, remembering to check every field, the sheer enormity of setting up enough exports to capture all 1100 fields). If I do export, broken-down into chunks or all-together, it’s a GIANT pain to connect the exported file to Access (I have to define the fields on import so I can capture some of the long text fields without cutting them off).

One option I was thinking was having a series of on-submission exports/emails (Zapier, Google Sheets, etc.). But it would be so much easier for me if I could directly connect to the database and query the entries directly. Like - a lot easier. Anyone done anything similar?

Hello. Which plugins have you tried, and what is missing from them that you require?

And for the scheduled export, have you already tried this plugin?