Trouble editing form on an iPad [RESOLVED]


I’ll be traveling to Iceland later this year and I’m trying to avoid taking my main computer. The one item I cannot figure out is if I need to edit a Gravity Form because the current layout does not show the “Update” button in the upper right corner. This happens on an iPhone also, almost as if the form is not truly responsive. Has anyone else ran into this, and is there a solution?

We have delivered lot of project on gravity forms, but didn’t faced such issue.
I think the only solution to your concern is auto-rotate the screen to avoid layout issues.

Good Luck!

We opened an issue with the product team to address this in a future release. We also provided Bobby this admin CSS to allow the Update button in the toolbar to be visible:

add_action( 'admin_head', 'gravity_forms_custom_admin_css' );
function gravity_forms_custom_admin_css() {
    echo '<style>.gform-admin .gform-form-toolbar { overflow-x: auto; }</style>';

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