Submit button action - only trigger ajax (no submission)

I’m wondering if we can have the submit button do everything except actually ‘submit’ and go to another age.
Situation: We have a ‘calculate pricing’ form on our site. Visitor completes the form, hits submit, we want to do all the normal stuff (validate fields, maybe send an email, etc) and trigger an ajax block, which will display the pricing right on the same page. Visitors will typically run a variety of pricing situations and we’d like to keep that process and the results all on the same page.

If not, I guess the solution would be simply to not use a submit button, put our own button on the form and handle everything ourselves through that butt.

Hi Glenn. If you’re not trying to capture any information in Gravity Forms, you can hide the submit button with conditional logic or the gform_submit_button filter, and then add your own button to the form to submit your AJAX request.

However, you mentioned that you want Gravity Forms to validate the fields and possibly send an email, which means you need to use the Gravity Forms submit button. Can you process your AJAX request/calculations on the next page (the confirmation) and show the information there? It can be the same page if you use a text confirmation.