Stripe Customisation Needed

Hi there,

Our client is interested in extending the Gravity Form’s Stripe Add-on to have the following custom functionality:


  1. Customer selects the a store from the location dropdown
  2. Customers proceeds with the payment
  3. Plugin process the payment and then deposits the funds into one of the bank accounts associated with that store location.
  4. Customer receives confirmation messages as usual.


  1. Admin can add/update/remove store locations in the future
  2. Admin can map different store location into different bank accounts
  3. Admin can use different set up location/mapping settings on a per form basis
  4. Admin can easily update the Stripe API Key on the plugin settings page
  5. Admin can enable test/live mode inside the plugin to perform test

If you’re interested, please let us know the budget & the dev time that you can work with?
Many thanks.