Stripe add-on with Chrome

I have a problem whenever I enter the Stripe add-on settings on Chrome browser.
It doesn’t reflect the correct API keys (red X) next to them, but fills in some other stuff I don’t know where it’s coming from. So every time I want to switch from LIVE to TEST mode I have to fill all API keys and signing keys in again. This must be a Chrome issue, and I’m hoping someone has a good tip how to resolve it.
It doesn’t happen on Safari. On Safari the keys have a green check mark and I can toggle between LIVE and TEST any time with issues and without filling all fields over and over again.

I recommend making sure you are using the latest Stripe add-on v2.8.2 as there were some fixes implemented since 2.8. If you still have trouble after that, please open a support ticket so we can figure out what is happening. Thank you.