Stripe Add-on setup_future_usage

Hello, everyone.

We recently received an email from Stripe mentioning that we need to use the setting “setup_future_usage” in all future payment intents.

Currently we use version 3.0 of “Gravity Forms Stripe Add-On”. Is there a filter we can use to update the payment intent created by the Add on?

Or does an admin setting exist after updating to the most recent version (3.9.2)?

Thanks for your any ideas about this.

Kind regards,


I’m trying to accomplish the same thing. Did you find a solution?

Hello, Jonathan.

We were able to solve it via the gform_stripe_charge_pre_create hook where it was possible to update the charge_meta field ‘setup_future_usage’.

See code below. Hope it helps.

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add_filter( 'gform_stripe_charge_pre_create', 'stripe_save_card', 10, 5 );
function stripe_save_card($charge_meta, $feed, $submission_data, $form, $entry ) {
     $charge_meta['setup_future_usage'] = 'off_session';
     return $charge_meta;