Storing Name Fields to Local Storage [RESOLVED]

I want to store the name fields to local storage on form submission and pull the data on another page.

I’ve found this plugin: GitHub - bhays/gravity-forms-sisyphus: Allow for saving your form data with local storage using Sisyphus
but it removes the localstorage data after the form has been submitted.

Is there another way to save the name fields to localstorage?

I found a solution to my problem with the following:

    $('#input_11_1_3').on('input', function() {
        localStorage.setItem("firstname", $('#input_11_1_3').val() );
    $('#input_11_1_6').on('input', function() {
        localStorage.setItem("lastname", $('#input_11_1_6').val() );
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Thank you for sharing that update Tara.