Stop Browser Credit Card Save

Hey yoooo,
Oddball question here. Is there an internal way to keep the browser from asking if you’d like to save a credit card?

In example, I use autocomplete="new-password" to stop a form from autocompleting. Is there something similar that can be done internally to prevent a browser from asking if I’d like to save on just that page/form?

Reason is, I don’t want anyone to save on that form. It is to be used by Agents/employees to input a client’s card.


From what I can find, the user has to deactivate it in the browser settings. Perhaps this solution can help (autocomplete="off" on the form itself doesn’t work by the way? Haven’t tested it myself, but have seen that mentioned too):

It’s mentioned for the ‘save password’ field, but perhaps the same logic can be used for the CC details too :slight_smile:

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