Square won't connect to the Sandbox account After being disconnected

When I first connected to square I was able to connect to both production and sandbox. During testing we disconnected and now even when I do get the Oauth screen (about half the time) it won’t connect to the sandbox, it still gives me an Oauth error.

Cache is off, I’ve tried disabling the feed and the square plugin. Is their any way to start over? I currently have two Apps in the Sandbox, neither of which is communicating with my form. I can’t find any documentation for this situation. No way to remove the Apps in the square sandbox that I can find. Any help ort ideas would be much appreciated.

This is the Square log, fairly useless to me:

2023-05-05 12:18:45.321865 - DEBUG → GF_Square_API::fetch_locations(): Retrieved 1 location(s).

Well Damn, this place is empty. Support doesn’t respond to tickets, why am I paying for something that doesn’t work and apparently has NO support?

Hi James. We have your support ticket, and I see that Andrea has updated the ticket once. We will reply to your ticket as soon as we can. Thank you.

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