Spacing 2col's problems and more since Gravity Forms 2.5

This is a follow up to ticket Big Spacing between Radio Buttons / Checkboxes

Since Gravity Forms I have some severe problems with my Forms.

  1. the spacing for Radiobuttons and Checkboxes was too big with my old forms. I got help from chis in the above ticket and it worked but it made a second problem worse. If I use a gf_list_2col CSS Class to get 2 columns I get a very awkward look.
    See here: Jetzt hochwertige professionelle PixelStation kaufen - PixelComputer

Chris said I must have anywhere a css code that conflicts with GF. But… If I make a new form and rebuild everything new from the scratch(but I just copy text and things from the old form) everything works fine.

Any ideas how to fix this without redoing all my forms?


If you test the form from the form preview, do the checkbox and radio inputs look correct there? Or if you test with a theme like Twenty Twenty-One or Twenty Twenty, how do the fields look there?

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