Big Spacing between Radio Buttons / Checkboxes

Since gravity Forms 2.5 I have the problem that the spacing between Checkboxes or Radiobuttons is much larger. Now I have a 2-3 cm spacing which results in long texts are broken to next lines and an awful looking form.
See: Lenovo P1 Gen3 15,6″(39,6cm) Laptop - PixelComputer Edition

How can I get the old behavior back that the Checkboxes / Radio Buttons are directly followed by the text?


Hi Frank. Your radio button inputs (I did not see any checkboxes yet) are being affected by this rule (it’s in a combined/cached stylesheet so I am not sure where it’s coming from specifically):

Gravity Forms does not style any cart elements, because there are none in Gravity Forms. You can use this CSS to override that:

body .gform_wrapper input[type="checkbox"],
body .gform_wrapper input[type="radio"] {
	width: inherit;

Then, the label has some left margin applied, also coming from a combined stylesheet, so I don’t know the source, however it is not coming from Gravity Forms (we don’t style a #top element at all). You can reduce that margin with this CSS:

body .gform_wrapper div.ginput_container_radio ul.gfield_radio label,
body .gform_wrapper div.ginput_container_checkbox ul.gfield_checkbox label {
	margin-left: 0.3em!important;

The radio button fields look like this when that is applied to your form: firefox OheCP9NxUb.png - Droplr

The CSS was written to apply to checkbox fields in the form as well, but I did not see any to verify that it works. Let us know if you need anything else.

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