Some Exported Fields are Blank After Applying Fix

Hi, I created a form which was online for a few months and without any issues for a summer camp. Users would register on a week by week basis for which I used a Checkbox to indicate which weeks they wanted to register their child. The problem was that I didn’t utilize the “Value” feature properly, so the email receipts for each transaction kept issuing a “1” instead of taking the checkbox label. Fast forward to yesterday I did some research and realized my mistake and made the correction.

Now when I export the data entries, the columns for the checkbox weeks are blank for all transactions that precede the fix I made but are filled in correctly for the new transactions after the fix.

I’m really confused because I can go into each individual transaction and see that the "1"s are still there for each transaction but they won’t show up anymore on the exported csv file. Its even more frustrating because the "1"s are not associated with any particular week.

Let me know if its not very clear. I would appreciate some guidance.

As you changed the value for the checkbox the export feature is no longer able to find entries where you used 1 as value for the checkbox. You would need to:

A) Change the checkbox value back to 1.

B) Use phpmyadmin or any similar tool to change 1 for the new value in previous entries. Entry values are stored in the gf_entry_meta table. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this I’m sure your host support can help you.

Make sure to create a database backup first if you’re going to proceed with option B.

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