Display correct value in multiple checkbox entries list column

We have a multiple checkbox list field “selected events” in a form which is dynamically-populated with values using the gform_pre_render hook. The field works fine and the values are saved correctly to the entry.

If I choose to show the “selected events" column in the admin list, this correctly shows the values which the visitor has filled out.

However, if I choose to add columns for each of the choices—“selected event 1”, “selected event 2” and so on—these columns also show the combined values of the main “selected events” column, not a true/false on whether that choice was selected.

Is this possible to achieve by filtering the values?

The same issue occurs in exported CSVs, so it would be good if the values could be correctly output both in the entries list and in the export list.

Additionally, I see that in the entries list, both the main checkbox field and its options columns can be selected for display individually. In the export view, though, it’s not possible to add the main checkbox field to the export: just the individual columns. This makes it doubly important that we can correctly modify the output $value to the CSV file.

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