So many bugs - or is it just me?

There is sooo many “bugs” in Gravity Form! …or it`s just me that can not get my skills to match my OCD. I have spent 10 hours today trying to make three-four fields line up and work, but I just keep on discovering sloppy things!

Some of my issues making this form, consising of two number fields, a select box, a bullet “box,” and a calculation/priceis is:

  • It seems impossible to make nice looking borders around number boxes, cause there is a top and bottom field on each number box (where limit text is:“enter a number under og equal to x”) No way of framing the inner box where the input actually goes!! Framing makes numbers look not good.

  • ginput_container_select is impossible to center or place using aligncenter, css code to form and/or spesific fields. When almost centered, it f%#¤s up in scaling and adjusts to left anyway. The text inside the box does not follow the field and the arrow on the right of the box is always half gone!!

-css alignment and field sizes /small,medium, large) are some times random and does not behave structuarly.

  • radiobuttons have the same problem as select boxes. When using alot of css to make it center, it is actually not in center, it is some 10 - 20 px to the left. When scaling to mobile, it goes all the way to the left of the page anyway, while number field is still centered. The bullets are also to heigh compared to the text and it looks shitty.

- BIGGEST problem is that after clicking a number field that hides things with logics, you have to click outside the box in order to activate the logics. Supprisingly, this does not go for the submit button, which popps up as soon as you enter a number in the field. This renders it useless for many customers who does not understand to click outside the box after entering numbers, and even see the submit button popping up after entering.

  • when using borders, the middle borders “hit” each other creating a double one that is thicker than 1px… guessing 2 px… looks silly!

This and many other small problems shows that there is really alot of potential to sort things out. been using GF for 2-3 years and on every project theese kinds of things come up.

Can anyone suggest something that could make these things work? Most important is that the logics activate when number is put into the numberbox and that select boxes will center no matter what, CORRECTLY!

I have used GD documentation for centering both in CSS and inline field, along with custom CSS

What browser are you using and is it up to date? It works great with Chrome. Really sounds like you have JavaScript disabled somewhere.

If you have a certain field you want to change, you can use:



.gform_wrapper ul.gform_fields li.gfield select

I’d recommend you lookup using the Chrome Inspect feature. It’s super handy for finding the right CSS and you can even change things in browser to test if it is working:

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