Slow to calculate price

Good afternoon, I have a calculator made that calculates a price for me by putting the centimeters of width, height and units, the problem that occurs to me is that I have different price ranges depending on the square meters that come out, from 1 square meter up to more than 1000 meters, there may be about 30 or 40 price ranges, so each time a user enters width, height and desired product units, the form slows down a lot.

Is there any way I can calculate it faster? Just eliminating price ranges?

Thanks in advance.

The calculations and conditional logic are all processed client-side, in the browser, so you are dependent on the processing power there, no matter what kind of computer or device they are using. The best way to make this less slow is to reduce the complexity. We do have a feature request on the board to evaluate the performance of the calculations and conditional logic, and we know it is something that affects complex forms such as yours. I will add you comments there. Thank you.