Slack add-on not sending invites

Hey :wave: we’re having issues with the official Slack add-on. On submission, it’s intended to send an invite to the user submitting the form, to join our Slack community but we’re seeing the following error in the Entries admin: Slack Feed: User was not invited and no invite is sent.

A support ticket was submitted but we’re waiting on a response. There is another old thread here from a year ago with the same issue, but no public resolution there. Debugging logs are offering the following (personal details removed):

2020-02-18 9:55:24.768659 - DEBUG --> GFFeedAddOn::maybe_process_feed(): Checking for 
feeds to process for entry #419 for gravityformsslack. 
2020-02-18 9:55:24.769155 - DEBUG --> GFFeedAddOn::maybe_process_feed(): Starting to 
process feed (#23 - Join EXAMPLE Slack Feed) for entry #419 for gravityformsslack 
2020-02-18 9:55:24.769474 - DEBUG --> GFSlack::initialize_api(): Validating API Info. 
2020-02-18 9:55:24.890887 - DEBUG --> GFSlack::initialize_api(): API credentials are valid. 
2020-02-18 9:55:25.111531 - DEBUG --> GFSlack::send_invite(): Sending invite: Array
    [team] => example
    [email] =>
    [set_active] => 1
    [first_name] => Example
    [last_name] => Example

2020-02-18 9:55:25.473156 - ERROR --> GFSlack::send_invite(): User was not invited. 
2020-02-18 9:55:25.476188 - ERROR --> GFSlack::send_invite(): Invite response: Array
    [ok] => 
    [error] => missing_scope
    [needed] => client
    [provided] => identify,channels:read,groups:read,team:read,users:read,,chat:write:user,chat:write:bot

2020-02-18 9:55:25.476254 - DEBUG --> GFFeedAddOn::maybe_process_feed(): Marking entry #419 as fulfilled for gravityformsslack 

Any help with this, or an alternative solution, would be appreciated.

Any help with this issue? Outstanding support ticket still unanswered too?

HI Dan, I checked your history on the ticket. There’s a response from February 18th less than an hour after you submitted your ticket that advised the following:

Can you please try configuring the add-on with a legacy token, based on the logging lines you provided it does not look like the add-on is currently using one:

The development team has updating the API version via the add-on on their list of to-do items, but currently the add-on can only use legacy tokens.


Hey @jimtrue thanks so much for passing that on, this resolved the issue.

Wanted to flag, I’ve checked the email linked to my GF account, including spam, but no email was received.

I checked, it doesn’t show in HelpScout that you’ve read the response, either. It also looks like it was sent to your email account.

That explains not receiving the email @jimtrue. That’s an old email address no longer in use. It’s the one I originally subscribed to GF with years ago but my Gravity Forms profile contains an active email, which I now receive renewals through. Strange that support emails are going to this old one?

Looks like HelpScout alphabetizes the email addresses on the HelpScout profile and automatically reply to the one on the ‘top’ of the list, regardless of the email sent in from. Weird. I deleted your email address.

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