Signature add-on resets the entire form [RESOLVED]


I have an issue with the signature add-on, not sure how to tackle this… Basically signing the form re-sets the entire entry on ‘submit’ and doesn’t return any entries. I could have a multiple number of “required” fields and if the signature field is empty, Gravity Forms will validate and return an error, as soon as I ‘sign’ the form and press send, it just resets the whole form/page without physically submitting it.

I have also created a clean WP install, without any plugins/themes but gravity forms, created a simple form and same thing happens.

Any help would be muchly appreciated!

I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue. I believe you will receive an answer more quickly from a support ticket than a forum topic. You can open a ticket here.

Thank you.

Will do - thanks!

Thanks Bart.

Just a quick update as I got it working now - so just in case anyone else encounteres this.

Apparently it’s an issue with mod_security blocking it - contacted the hosting provider and they whitelisted few rules that were highlighted in their logs - working fine now!


Thanks for the update @Bart!

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