Signal Messenger Authentification before Submit

Hi! I want to make sure everyone that submits a form has Signal Messenger installed before submission.

I was thinking of a process like this: before submission I have people give their mobile phone number and send them the contents of a hidden field via signal (say: a random 6 digit number).

They than have to enter the this number in a verification field and submission will only be allowed of the entries in both fields match.

On my server I have a local Signal Client running already and It can send messages, e.g. via a python script.

Now, I think my question is: how do I trigger the external (python) script from inside gravity forms (without submitting the form).

I think I would use a multi-page form, and when they provide their mobile number and click “Next”, you call your Python script using the gform_pre_render filter:

I would not add the code to a hidden field in the form, because that could easily be discovered by viewing the source. If you send the code via your script, you can store it in a form field on this next page of the form, and then compare that code to the code they provide in a field on that page. If the codes match, proceed to the end of the form. Would that work?

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