Show default value of custom field in Gravity Form with ACF

I created a custom value with (Advanced Custom Fields) for users called “home_phone” and tried to use it as a default value in Gravity Forms without success.
In the default value in Gravity Forms I have {custom_field:home_phone} .

Is there something else I need to do or should my syntax be different?

Hi Shawn. If your custom meta key is actually exactly ‘home_phone’ then {custom_field:home_phone} will work as Default Value for a field so long as the form is embedded on a single post where that key is stored, and the data format is the same.

Documentation for the custom_field merge tag:

I recommend checking the database for an existing post where this home_phone custom field was already created, so you can see the exact language for the custom field meta key, and also the exact format of the data that is stored.

If you need more help or need more information, please let us know.

Hi Chris,

Yes, I’ve looked in the database to confirm the name. I’ve tried other names such as home_phone_2 without success. The link you sent is where I got started.
I’ve tried both text and number fields as well.

Hi Shawn. Without seeing your environment, I can’t say for sure what the problem is. I guarantee that this method works, but there is some piece missing. I recommend opening a support ticket. Mention this forum topic and put my name on there, and it will be routed to me:

Thank you.

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