Connect phone number in profile panel to phone number field in gravirty form

hi, i have a plugin that user register and enter his email, name and phone number in it.

so i could connect email and name with “default value” with these shortcuts in the gravity form:

but i want to connect the phone number from my panel to phone number in gravity form too.
i couldn’t do it.
how should i do it?


Hello Ahmad. You will need to know the meta key name from the wp_usermeta table (in the database) record where the phone is stored. Once you have that, you can use the user merge tag like this (in my example, the meta key is “phone_meta_key”):



If you’re still having trouble, please let us know.

i really thank you for this reply.
i understand how it works now. :sparkling_heart:
the plugin for my account panel didn’t create a meta key name in that wp_usermeta_table for phone number field.

can you please name a plugin or tutorial i can create a field in wordpress registration form so that one meta key name create in wp_usermeta table?

Hi Ahmad. Our User Registration Add-On will do this. That is available to you with an Elite or Developer license. If you don’t have that or you want a different solution, try this WordPress search for ‘user meta’:

Thank you.

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