Service area validation with

I am working on a form for an internet provider that offers services in a certain area, I am looking to have the user enter their address and, with condition logic, move on to sign up if they are within the service area. If not, provide a message or redirect to a page that lets them know they are not in the service area.

I currently gather their address. Looking to cross-check it with the service area laid out in

Has anyone tried something like this before? Any suggestions or places to look for more info would be helpful! Thanks

ps. does have an API, trying out the Gravity Forms Webhooks Add-On to see what is possible.

Hi Tyrone. The Webhooks Add-On is not going to help, because that is well after the form is submitted. You need to integrate with their API in real time, or at least right after they provide their address to you in the form. A completely custom solution would use AJAX to query that API and return the result.

One way to do it with Gravity Forms functions would be to query the API at the time the gform_field_validation filter is running. Here is an example of querying an API using gform_field_validation:

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