Seeking developers to customize Gravity forms and views + theme

our goal for this site:
this is a site where Inuit businesses need to register to the wordpress site in order to fill out a form describing their company, activities, and personnel. Once the form is filled, Makivik approves the entry for publication on the directory which is accessible to the public ( ). Ideally, this directory needs to be downloadable as PDF or Excel file for users. Needs to be translated in Inuktitut, and the form needs to be editable by the companies from the wordpress dashboard, and reapproved by Makivik.

They have a budget ranging from 33$ CAD / hr to 40$ CAD/ hr depending on the complexity and the delivery time the freelancer can put towards it. Open to discuss rate and delivery date.
I believe they also have a budget for plugins, but the programmer who is on leave would prefer to have a website that is light for those who are using it up in the artic.

wordpress site + plugins to potentially modify:
the theme itself
Gravity Forms & Gravity views

Current tasks: *We’d like to avoid bloating the site with plugins if possible. Users will be using this site up north, and the internet bandwidth is quite low.

Create translated version of the site in Inuktitut. We are aware of a free plugin affiliated wt Gravity forms named Loco translate. But if the developer knows of a better way rather than rely on a plugin, we prefer to receive a quote for this. We would like the user to be able to flip from English / Inuktitut easily, while using the form as well. We’ll be using Loco as a last resort if we can’t find someone to do this. 

Create a custom registration page / log in (we are currently using the default worpress page and menu links to log in and out)

-Modify the Gravity View plugin so as to enable users to download the directory as an Excel or PDF, see link below.
For the public business directory, the idea was that anyone from the public who accesses our website can download an excel or pdf format of the entire directory and also filter based on specific criteria (only the information that businesses make public: name, community, sector, phone).
See an example in Nunavut here:

-We’re using the repeater field in the form in order to enable users to add more members on their team. Before filling up the form, they need to register to the wordpress site. We would like them to be able to customize their answers from the wordpress dashboard without having access to other users forms or anything else on the site. We wonder if it’s feasible to customize the default subscriber function of wordpress and the gravity forms plugin?
Another question that is yet to be answered is if these repeater fields will transition smoothly over to gravity views, specifically in the edit view, as this is where applications will have to update and maintain their business profiles.

Would be quite happy to help. Can you mail me at gennady[at]kovshenin[dot]com please to discuss specifics? Thanks.

Hello Laura,
Sounds like an interesting concept and something that is right up my alley of expertise.
I would be interested in helping you with your needs.
Sent you PM with my understanding,kindly check it.
Best Regards,
Anna J