Scheduled form opening later than expected

I have a client who opens a VERY busy application at a given time and only allows a VERY limited number of applicants. The form was scheduled to become available at 11am today and to close once 500 entries have been received. I verified everything last night. It worked…to a point. The form automatically opened and it closed when 500 entries were received. But it opened at 11:06am instead of 11:00am. This caused their small office to receive over 150 phone calls from people trying to access the form from 11am until 11:06am. Clearly my client is not happy with me right now.

But, everything is set up properly.
I’m not sure what I can do to avoid this from happening when we need to repeat this process in March. Can you offer any advice. Please. Thank you.

Laura I may be swinging for the fences but is it possible your server has a page cache which updates every 10 minutes. Perhaps reschedule another form but ask your hosting company to disable page caching for the page the form is on.

This is only a hunch and I’m not a police officer so I could be way wrong here.

Just a thought. Hope you figure out the solution.

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Hi Laura. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue: