RIP the old forums

Anyone else a heavy user of the old forums? I didn’t post a lot, but I sure did find the answer to many problems in those there threads!

Thanks for bringing back the forums. I hope I can help someone here.


Welcome back! The old forums are still available in archive form here but most of the approaches to things using hooks and filters are now obsolete. It’s still neat to look back and find of the old gems though :wink:

For example, here’s a good one from the legacy forums (June 24, 2011):

Agree, Hashim. I was really disappointed when the old forums disappeared. Glad to see them return!

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Welcome back Donna! Nice to see you.

I just came across the new forums yesterday and I’m glad they’re back! :tada:

So I had to login and start participating immediately ofcourse :wink:

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Welcome back!

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