Restricting form submissions to specific days [RESOLVED]

As part of my business I ask my clients to submit a schedule once a week between Monday and Wednesday.

Is it possible to restrict form submission to specific days?

There seems to be a lot of info and add-ons out there about restricting the date-picker and so on but I haven’t come across anything that prevents the form being submitted if a day, date or time target has passed.

Grateful for any pointers (though I’m not a coder/developer).

Meant to add – I know about the Schedule Form setting but it seems to be a one and done thing.

If I could put set that to Monday 00:00 – Wednesday 23:59 and have that recur every week, that’d be what I’m after.

Check out this recent post from Gravity Wiz…

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Thanks Joshua.

On first look it doesn’t quite fit my use case but that’s probably just me misunderstanding!

I’ve sent them a message.

Prompt response from Gravity Wiz, confirming that it was just me :grinning:.

Thanks for the tip Joshua.