Required fields being bypassed and conditional logic being ignored

I’m using GF 2.6.x with two forms. Step 1 is a simple request info box and step 2 is a multi-page form. Step 1 passes the users City and State to Step 2 as a query string. In Step 2 we ask the user to validate the city and state, and then perform some conditional logic based on the users input.

We’re seeing two problems. One, required fields in Step 2 are being ignored and not provided. Two, users are able to somehow over-ride the conditional logic in step 2. For example, if a user enters a city and state where we aren’t located, we normally end the process and simply tell the user we don’t serve that area. However, users are somehow able to “hack” the city and state in Step 2, and the multi page form continues as though the user did reside in an area we serve.

The good news is that these hacked entries are not being saved in MailChimp.

The problem appears to come from users using Chrome, but I cannot reproduce.

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We are experiencing a similar issue with users bypassing all required fields. However, it is limited to Microsoft Edge in our case. We have theorized that it is our clients firewall as they are a bank.

I’m curious. Is the GF validation client side only or is it also performed server side?

Input validation is performed server-side by Gravity Forms. If you have any questions about your form specifically, please start a new topic or open a support ticket, and we’ll help you out. Thank you.