Removing suspicious links

We have been getting contact form submissions that are clearly attempting to get the reader to click on a link using social engineering. The most common among those are messages with a “infringing on copyright-protected images” theme and a link going to With the latest being from a seemingly legitimate email address from of all places. Even though we don’t use any Intuit images.

We also have a security plugin which helps with bots and covers Gravity Forms.

My question is, is there any existing way to remove URL’s altogether? Or maybe hold submissions that contain a URL?

I need a way to combat these social engineering attempts that contain suspicious links. I wanted to ask before attempting to hook into the email notifications and remove URL’s before sending to an office admin that will read it and potentially click on a malicious link.

Brennan Goewert | Information Systems Technician

Have a look at this solution which was shared in our forums:

Will that work for you?

Yes, that should do the trick for us. Thanks!

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