Referring page URL added to form [RESOLVED]

Hi there,

I’ve been using forms in a popup and using a hidden field to show current page title which is helpful for knowing what page converted the lead. I’ve been having ongoing intermittent issues with gravity forms in popups and im keen to move them to a normal page.

Wondering if anyone has any advice to still show the referring url in the form submission, however using post name/title will then result in the same title every time. What I need is the previous page referring url. Is there a way to add custom attributes to the buttons/links on every other page of the site linking to the quote/form page?

Thanks in advance!

You can use the {referer} merge tag as Default Value for a single line text field in the form. That field will capture the page the visitor was on before they landed on the page with the form. Will that work for you?

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Thanks Chris, that sounds promising - I’ll have a test later today and confirm :slight_smile:

This works perfectly. Thanks!

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