Redirect to URL not working in combination with a Paged form and required fields

This is a bug report.

The redirect to URL doesn’t work when the form contains required answers that are part of a paged-section.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Create a form that contains pages. User the answer for first question (for example a radio input) to determine if the next page should be served to the user. Answer option A does not serve the next page, answer B would serve the next page. On the second page add a field that is required to answer. In the confirmation settings create two confirmations that will be used if the user answers with either A or B to the first radio-question. For answer A set a redirect to a URL. For answer B leave the default confirmation settings (on-screen message).

The redirect doesn’t work if you answer the first question with value A. If you make the fields on the second page optional (not required) then the redirect works.

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