Receiving Notifications but no data

Hi All,

Hope you can help - be warned, i’m not hugely tech savvy.

i have created a form and set up the notifications so that we receive an email when an rder is submitted.

Now, I can create a test order and enter numbers of items required in each of the fields. I hit submit and we receive a notification email BUT what we don’t get is any info or data about what was ordered.

Had to use a 3rd party plugin on Woo to allow me to use Divi to create a module for the order page.

Any ideas greatly accepted.

Many thanks in advance


Hi J. I replied to your support ticket already. Please reply to that, and once you have a resolution, please feel free to share that. We won’t be handling the support here though. Thank you.


Thank you. I didn’t realise I had posted to the forum. I wrote it just in case.

My apologies. All sorted now thank you and will do.



No worries. I just did not want to duplicate the effort, because you have a license and are eligible for support, I would focus on the support ticket. Thank you.

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