reCAPTCHA for the User Registration login widget

I’m using the User Registration Add-On, however I’d like to add reCaptcha to the login widget, for my life I cannot see where this is possible, is there any documentation or a guide that anyone knows of on how to add this. I can add it to the sign up but not the login.

Cheers folks.

The login widget is not part of WordPress, but not Gravity Forms.
Check this search.

Well that reply made sense.

Either way I’ve tried it with the invisible reCAPTCHA and the login page just refreshes. So from experience from x2 sites I’ve now created with the User Registration Add-On I cannot add a reCAPTCHA to the login in a working way.

Did you ever figure out how to add the reCAPTCHA to the login form? I want to add this to login form and the forgot password form and I’m worried I might have to take the code apart to do it!

Really Simple CAPTCHA, should work without any problems.

How did you get the Captcha to connect to the login widget?

Sorry no.