Put file url in admin notification instead of the file itself

I’ve created a form on the website where the user can add one or more files (photo’s).
For the admin notification i can choose to add these files to the notification but there is the problem. the files are mostly too large, so the email wont be sent to the admin.
How can is change this in a way that the files are not added as an attachement but only the url to the file(s).
Is there a plugin needed or can i change some code? and if so, how?

Hi Jeroen. There is a checkbox on the Notification that will attach the files to the Admin Notification. That box is NOT checked by default. The default is to include a link to the file in the email notification. If you are getting the file attached, be sure that on the Notification the checkbox Attachments: “Attach uploaded fields to notification” is NOT checked. It should look like this:

If it is already unchecked, but you still receive the files as attachments, something else on the site is doing that.

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