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Hi Experts,
I bought the Ultimeter plugin to show donation progress in a nice visual manner. Working with developer he gave me the add filter to make his plugin pull data from my two donation forms but he is not that familiar with gravity forms and the data is not pulling exactly right. He told me to reach out to you for help with this. The function is asking for the grand total with a start amount at “0”. But where is the start amount coming from because if I add up the last month, this year or last year, nothing matches what the filter is pulling. Like I said, the developer is not sure he has anything right so if you have a better way to set this up, I will be most appreciated.
Testing page is:

Form is live and hooked up to Stripe.

Thank you looking at this for me!

Here is the code he tried:

    /*progress total in ultimeter plugin*/
add_filter('ultimeter_filter_currency_progress', 'gravity');
function gravity( $grandtotal ) {
	// Create array of the both my form IDs
	$forms = array(67,68);
	// Declare an empty variable for the grand total
	$grandtotal = 0;
	// Loop through each form to get its leads
	foreach ($forms as $form) {
		$donations = RGFormsModel::get_leads($form);
        // start the total at zero
        $total = 0;
        // loop through all the returned results
        foreach ($donations as $amount) {
                // add each donation amount to the total
                // field ID 4 for both my forms which holds the donation amount
                $total += $amount[4];
		// Add the form's total to the grand total
		$grandtotal += $total;
	// Finally, return the grand total
    return  $grandtotal;


Hi Diana. Can you send me a copy of that plugin via email to, so I can take a look? Thank you.

Plugin sent, thank you Chris…

Hi Diana. Looking into this, it’s not going to be as easy as the code that was sent to you. You have multiple fields in the form (not just field 4) and multiple frequencies. Pulling that information from the entry is not going to work. In addition, with recurring donations, you would need a way to total them up on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

I’m not sure of the best way to approach the issue. Even if you were to pull the transaction total from the entry, you would have an issue with recurring transactions (which are not recorded as new entries.) I think based on that, I would contact the author of the plugin again to see if there is another approach.

If your donation forms were simpler, it would be easy with the code that was sent. However, the complexity of your possible donations makes it difficult to achieve with the filter that was provided. I’ll leave this open in case you hear back with any other approaches you can take.

Darn…well I agree our forms are too complicated. Used to have simpler ones.

Anyway the developer did the best he could as he is was not sure he had the correct function to pull the data as not having experience with gravity.

At this point I may just let it go for now.

So nice of you to take the time to look at it. Gravity is the best and so is the support.

Thank you again Chris,
All the best and stay safe!

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