Problems setting up the "Advanced Post Creation" Plug-in [RESOLVED]

I think I must be misunderstanding how the “Advanced Post Creation” add-on works and am hoping someone can help me. I just installed the add-on on one of our sites that has been using Gravity Forms and it installed and activated just fine. Following the instructions I set up a feed using an existing form. When I submit the form the entry is created and I am sent the notification email, but so far no post has been created. I thought it might be a problem with my form so I found another tutorial about how to use the plug-in and created a new form for testing purposes following the steps in the tutorial.

The Form Includes a single line text field named “Post title”, a Paragraph field named “Post Content”, a file upload field named “Featured image” and a dropdown field named “Category”. The dropdown list contains only one option, “Trespass Form” which is a category I already added.

I have set up an active feed named “Post Creation Feed 1” with type “Post”, status “Published”, format “Standard”, date “Entry Date” and the author is set to my username in the pull down list. Allow comments, trackbacks and pingbacks are unchecked.

In the post content section the title is {Post title:1}, the content is {Post Content:3}, featured image is set to “Featured image” from the pull-down which is the only option, media library also says “Featured image” and since it is not required I ignored the custom fields section so it just says “Select a Custom Field Name”.

In Taxonomies categories is set to field value “Category” and Tags is set to assign the tag “Trespass”. I have created both the category and tag in the WordPress Posts section so they already exist.

I left Conditional Logic unchecked and clicked Save Settings.

Then I created a new page containing only the form and the form seems to work fine, an entry is created and I am notified by email, however no post is created.

I feel like I must be missing something but I’m not sure what, the instructions I have been following are from: I tried enabling Gravity Forms logging and submitted a form but don’t see anything in the logs that provides anything helpful.

Does anyone know what I might be missing?

Thank you

It sounds like you have configured everything correctly. Can you share a link to the Gravity Forms Core log and Advanced Post Creation log here so we can look? Thank you.

Thank you for your response. I enabled logging again and submitted a form entry. I’m happy to supply the contents of the logs to you but since, when I enable logging, it warns about the potential of sensitive information being included I wonder if it’s a good idea to post the contents here. The site this form is on is an internal website that is password protected and only accessible by our staff.

For the add-on log there are only two lines…

2023-10-03 12:57:13.002574 - DEBUG → GFFeedAddOn::maybe_process_feed(): Checking for feeds to process for entry #11 for gravityformsadvancedpostcreation.
2023-10-03 12:57:13.003796 - DEBUG → GFFeedAddOn::maybe_process_feed(): Adding feed (#3 - Post Creation Feed 1) for entry #11 for gravityformsadvancedpostcreation to the processing queue.

I have the rest of the logs in a text file, would it be possible for me to email that to you directly? Or do you think I don’t have to worry about the warning regarding sensitive data?

Thank you

I think this is the issue. The task (create a post) is added to the processing queue, but it’s probably not ever being processed. Please see the troubleshooting steps here:

Thank you, we’re definitely on the right track. Background tasks in system status shows “No” with a response code of 401 so that appears to be the problem. Do you know if there is any other documentation about fixing this problem? I see the code snippet in the article you provided a link to but it’s not entirely clear to me where that goes or if any changes need to be made to it.

Do you have Basic Auth (username/password protection) required for the site? That would result in a 401 response. The article has the best tips in it. If you need more assistance, please open a support ticket here:

I think I have this resolved. At first I was not sure what username and password it was looking for, but I discovered that it must be for any user that has access to the site. Since our site authenticates with our LDAP server I added a user there for this, then added the code snippet to the functions.php file for the active theme, and now it is working. Thank you.