Pre_Submission Filter Causing Post Submission Confirmation Not To Work


I am using some dynamically (via PHP / AJAX) populated lists in my form. For these lists, the names of the items are useful to the end user, but the values are only to be used by the system. E.g.:

<option value="apples_1_6">Apples x6</option>

I noticed that the submitted entry was displaying the selected value of these lists to the end user rather than the human readable names. As these lists are being populated dynamically, my solution was to use the gform_pre_submission filter to update the posted values of these items to reflect their human readable names.

I added a gform_pre_submission filter and the entry is being created with the expected values, the notification email is sent out afterwards, in fact everything is working as expected apart from the page is getting stuck on the loading icon after submission and the final TEXT confirmation is not showing. I have checked the log file and can see no error messages. The final log entry in the core file is as follows:

DEBUG → GFFormDisplay::process_form(): Executing functions hooked to gform_after_submission.

I can confirm that I have not got any code that attached post_submission.

I can confim that the Stripe plugin is enabled and that the final line on that log file is as follows:

DEBUG → GFPaymentAddOn::maybe_process_callback(): Result from gateway callback =>

I can confirm that when I disable the gform_pre_submission filter code it is working afterwards.

I am unsure why this problem is occuring and am asking for help now please as I am stuck.

Hi Martin. This issue is complex enough that I suggest opening a support ticket:

Be sure to share your code using a code sharing site and include the link in your ticket. Thank you.

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