Pre render form -> Edit field Product Price [RESOLVED]


I try tro change the price of a product price field before we display it to the user.

So i use a gform_pre_render function and then a filter on my field :

add_filter('gform_pre_render_2', 'pre_render_form_inscription');
function pre_render_form_inscription($form)
   $fields = $form['fields'];
    foreach ($form['fields'] as &$field) {
       if ($field->id == 55) {
          $field->defaultValue = 1000;

This is not working.
There is the function gform_product_price() as well, but it looks like it just for the label.

Any idea how to do this ?


I found it.

For a price the property is not defaultValue as an input text, but basePrice :

$field->basePrice = 100;