Dynamic product name

I’m running into a problem with my custom script and maybe someone here can point me in the right direction.

We use the gform_pre_render filter on our form to process info from another form.

We have a product field, set to radiobuttons, 3 choices.

in the pre_render we add the prices based on the processed info. And we change the text of each choice to show the package name and price.

Basicly a custom product with 3 choices, not sure yet what the labels will say but will probebly be something like ‘Bronze/silver/gold’ or ‘Basic/premium/pro’. 3 tiers.

Functionally the form does everything well.

Except that the product name on checkout/notification is for example, ‘Premium’ as this is the original label we gave the second choice.
We want to change this - it should conain some info of the custom product.
Something like: Premium - Blue - 3000 words - priority order.

But can’t find the place to edit this. Any ideas?

To change the product name on the checkout/notification, you must use the gform_product_info filter provided by Gravity Forms. This filter helps you edit product information before it is sent to payment gateways or shown in notifications.

You could try this code:

add_filter( 'gform_product_info', 'change_product_name', 10, 3 );

function change_product_name( $product_info, $form, $entry ) {

    // Make sure it's the right form; replace 'your_form_id' with the actual form ID
    if ( $form['id'] != 'your_form_id' ) {
        return $product_info;

    // Go through the products
    foreach ( $product_info['products'] as $product_id => $product ) {

        // If it's the product you want to change, replace 'your_product_field_id' with the actual field ID
        if ( $product_id == 'your_product_field_id' ) {

            // Modify the name as needed
            $product_name = $product['name'];
            $new_name = "{$product_name} - Blue - 3000 words - priority order";

            // Update the product name
            $product_info['products'][ $product_id ]['name'] = $new_name;

    return $product_info;

Replace 'your_form_id' and 'your_product_field_id' with the actual form ID and product field ID. Also, adjust the $new_name variable to include the information you want. This code will update the product name during the checkout and notification processes, ensuring it contains the details you specified in $new_name.

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