Pre-Populating Repeater Fields

Hi all, I have a tricky issue/question about repeater fields…

I’m trying to pre-populate a form from entry data, that contains a set of nested repeater fields. I’ve got it working with the code below, except it doesn’t have the data properyl when submitted. I can see the problem is to do with the input field names/IDs as these are normally set as a numerical array, whereas with my prepoluated version, all instances have the same name/ID (0).

Does anyone know the right way to set the names/IDs with the correct array keys?


// Populate repeater fields
function populate_repeater_on_edit($form){
	// Check if we're editing the form entry
	if(isset($_GET['gform_post_id']) && $_GET['gform_post_id'] != ''){		
		// Get WPDB for database queries
		global $wpdb;
		// Get the post ID from the URL
		$post_id = $_GET['gform_post_id'];
		// Get the GF entry data
		$entry_id = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM $wpdb->postmeta WHERE `post_id` = $post_id && `meta_key` = '_gform-entry-id'");
		$entry_id = $entry_id[0]->meta_value;
		$entry = GFAPI::get_entry($entry_id);
		// Loop through form fields
		foreach($form['fields'] as $field){
			// If we're on our repeater field
			if($field->id == '1000'){
				// Grab details of all the labels and description to use when creating new repeater entires
				$labels = array(
					'element_label' => $field->fields[0]->label,
					'element_description' => $field->fields[0]->description,
					'facts_label' => $field->fields[1]->label,
					'facts_description' => $field->fields[1]->description,
					'facts_addButtonText' => $field->fields[1]->addButtonText,
					'facts_removeButtonText' => $field->fields[1]->removeButtonText,
					'fact_label' => $field->fields[1]->fields[0]->label,
					'fact_description' => $field->fields[1]->fields[0]->description,
					'evidences_label' => $field->fields[1]->fields[1]->label,
					'evidences_description' => $field->fields[1]->fields[1]->description,
					'evidences_addButtonText' => $field->fields[1]->fields[1]->addButtonText,
					'evidences_removeButtonText' => $field->fields[1]->fields[1]->removeButtonText,
					'evidence_label' => $field->fields[1]->fields[1]->fields[0]->label,
					'evidence_description' => $field->fields[1]->fields[1]->fields[0]->description
				// Set an empty array to use for our repeater field data
				$populated_fields = array();
				// Loop through each 'Element' in our entry data
				foreach($entry['1000'] as $entry_element){
					// Create the 'Element' and add it to our array
					$element = GF_Fields::create(array(
						'type'   => 'text',
						'id'     => 1001,
						'formId' => $form['id'],
						'label'  => $labels['element_label'],
						'pageNumber'  => 1,
						'isRequired' => true,
						'defaultValue'	=>$entry_element['1001']
					$populated_fields[] = $element;
					// Set an empty array to contain 'Facts' data
					$facts_data = array();
					// Loop through each 'Fact' and add it to our array
					foreach($entry_element['1002'] as $entry_facts){
						$fact = GF_Fields::create(array(
							'type'   => 'text',
							'id'     => 1003,
							'formId' => $form['id'],
							'label'  => $labels['fact_label'],
							'description' => $labels['fact_description'],
							'pageNumber'  => 1,
							'isRequired' => true,
							'defaultValue'	=> $entry_facts['1003']
						$facts_data[] = $fact;
						// Set an empty array to contain 'Evidence' data
						$evidences_data = array();
						// Loop through each 'Evidence' and add it to our array
						foreach($entry_facts['1004'] as $entry_evidence){
							$evidence = GF_Fields::create(array(
								'type'   => 'text',
								'id'     => 1005,
								'formId' => $form['id'],
								'label'  => $labels['evidence_label'],
								'description' => $labels['evidence_description'],
								'pageNumber'  => 1,
								'isRequired' => true,
								'defaultValue'	=> $entry_evidence['1005']
							$evidences_data[] = $evidence;
						// Add the 'Evidence' data to the 'Facts' data 
						$evidences = GF_Fields::create(array(
							'type'             => 'repeater',
							'id'               => 1004, 
							'formId'           => $form['id'],
							'label'            => $labels['evidences_label'],
							'addButtonText'    => $labels['evidences_addButtonText'],
							'removeButtonText' => $labels['evidences_removeButtonText'],
							'pageNumber'       => 1,
							'fields'           => $evidences_data,
						$facts_data[] = $evidences;
					// Add the 'Facts' data to the 'Elements' data
					$facts = GF_Fields::create(array(
						'type'             => 'repeater',
						'id'               => 1002, 
						'formId'           => $form['id'],
						'label'            => $labels['facts_label'],
						'addButtonText'    => $labels['facts_addButtonText'],
						'removeButtonText' => $labels['facts_removeButtonText'],
						'pageNumber'       => 1,
						'fields'           => $facts_data,
					$populated_fields[] = $facts;
				// Add the 'Elements' data to the form
				$field->fields = $populated_fields;
	// Return the form data
	return $form;
add_filter('gform_pre_render_35', 'populate_repeater_on_edit');




I have already replied your ticket, but I’m replying here too just for the record:

I’m sorry but repeater fields does not currently support dynamic population as mentioned the limitations section of the doc page for them:

Adding support for dynamic population is on the development teams to do list.

If you have any further question, please reply to the ticket to concentrate the conversation in one single place.

Has there been any progress on this?
Repeaters are the number one development priority for gravity forms in my opinion.
you have such an amazing powerful form builder hard to believe this hasn’t been sorted.

There has not been any progress on this that I can report. If you would like to express your interest in the feature and show your desire for the feature, I recommend adding your notes to our Product Roadmap:

Click the blue Plus sign in the lower left, to get started. Thank you for your comments.

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