Pre populate hidden field with IP passed over to API

Hi there,

We want to create a hidden field in our form and dynamically store the IP address of the visitor.
After sending the form, we want to send this IP over to our CRM.

Me managed to do the same for Date and Timestamp.

Can you help us out to store the IP address of a visitor in a hidden field?
Thanks on behalf.


You can use the {ip} merge tag in the default value setting of the field.

Hi Richard,

Thanks for your fast reply.
It works perfect.

I see the IP is IPv6. is it easy to serve IPv4 as well?

The IP Address comes from the server variable $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']. The form will capture whatever the server passes in. Gravity Forms has no control over IPv4 or IPv6 being passed in. You will want to check with your host about that. Thank you.

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