Populate Individual Selections from Multiple ChkBox Fields into Single Paragraph field

I have multiple Checkbox fields and a Paragraph field on the same form. Tried {CkBx Field:ID}, {CkBx Feild:ID:value} as Default values for the Paragraph field- unsuccessful. Tried Copy-CkBxID-to-ParagraphID in the CSS of the CkBx. Worked, but only captured the selection from the Last CkBx, all the prevouis ones were overwritten. Tried Copy-CkBxID.Index-to-ParagraphID in the CSS of the CkBx. Same results. Possible to populate the paragraph from multiple check boxes and their selections without being over written? Thanks in advance!

Hi Kemper,

I see you also submitted a ticket with us at GravityWiz and we’ve already assisted you. For other users who may be interested in the answer, below is the answer to the question.

Copy Cat will only copy the value from the most recent field when multiple source fields are copied to the same target field.

Instead, you can use Populate Anything’s Live Merge Tags to handle this. You can insert multiple live merge tags as the default value for a field like this:

@{CkBx Field:ID}, @{CkBx Feild:ID:value}



Thank you Samuel for your response! Have a good day!!