Populate a form from an array of posts with fields for the user to annotate before sending?

Hi there,

I have an array of favorited posts for a user. I want the user to be able to annotate each of the posts on their shortlist via some form fields and then send that annotated list via an html email to someone else.

Any thoughts on achieving this with Gravity Forms?

Greetings and welcome @rsandilands !

I’ll take first stab at this, tho I’m by no means the local expert here :slight_smile:

I have done something remotely similar to what I’m perceiving as your issue…

One possible approach I can suggest - based on what I think you are after - is to try the following (I am assuming you plan to code a process in your functions.php file):

Note: In your reference to “their shortlist” I am guessing this is the constructed form you envision to render for the user to enter in their annotations…

  1. Create a form-page with a List field to serve as the shortlist the user will enter in their annotations, set its option for “Allow field to be populated dynamically” and give it the Parameter Name of “fav_shortlist”.
  2. Register the call-back add_filter: gform_field_value_fav_shortlist to your handling function.
  3. In your handler function create and populate a new array using your “favorited posts” data - this will define the columns and rows for populating the List field of your shortlist, including a column for their annotations.
  4. In your handler function return your new array - it will result in your List form field to render the rows and columns you defined and populated with the data of the returned array.

Then just configure the form to email the recipient the rendering of the submitted annotated shortlist.

Good luck !

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Thank JAS, I’ll have a closer look at this.

I appreciate your time on this.